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Sky Media Group is an Estonian company that owns and operates four Estonian-language and two Russian-language radio stations in Estonia. The company launched its first radio station, SKY Radio in 1995. Two years later the company launched Estonia's one of the most successful commercial radio station Sky Plus.

Patrycja Dopierała mentioned, "Hi. There are more than 4 billion songs in the world, but SKY Radio only plays 30 stupid songs all the time. They have been working in the Netherlands for 4 months but I am sure your radio is the worst. Please think of people who have to listen to the radio all day at work and please don't play the same songs all the time. Thank you."


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mark tanner says

"I waited in yesterday afternoon for an engineer from SKY who was delivering my shiny new Sky Q box. Time was latwr changed to 15.45 ti 17.45 no problem but then at 16.37 it changed to 2nd Nov. I was so angry got in touch with sky who said would try to get someone to us Monday. Today get a email saying it would be the 25th Oct then2 hourslater it's the 30th Oct. Not going to hold my breath what a bunch of cowboys and they threaten to fine me if I'm not in. We will see what happens obviously not got enough engineer's. Update engineer just been and left said he's the wrong sort for this job don't know how others in the block have Sky Q so left and we now have wait for a phone call what a buch of cowboys been waiting since 8th September my m8 upstairs ordered his after me and it was fitted no problem weeks ago absolutely fuming mad... Well best they can do after cancelling the first time and sending the wrong engineer out the second time is 27th November nearly 12 weeks i will have waited Brexit will be sorted before my Sky Q box. Well where to start hard to believe but they sent the wrong engineer out again so another four weeks waiting what a joke this company is promised this would not happen again promised that if they failed for a third time they would be investigated as its not aloud. Don't believe a word this company says if i had a choice i would be well rid but i don't no option but to use this shower of cowboys or only have freeview and i enjoy my sport too much....."

Andrew Rowley says

"I have been a loyal customer for over 19 years - the service is great until something goes wrong. Customer Services 3/4 hour to answer phone and then could only offer me a service call after 36 DAYS! My complaint fell on deaf ears with the suggestion that I knock on the door of a Sky engineer who lives in my close and give him the job number. My complaint suggested that my service call would only happen if they then had an engineer available. I have no TV for over a month and they reminded me I could not cancel my contract which had over a year to run. Shocked by this uncaring help"

Michael Riley says

"I purchased a sky package and 28 days ago an engineer turned up, caused some damage, didn't install it correctly and left without even giving a demo. I complained to sky and to the CEO Jeremy Daroch. I had a service manager call and advise that he would send an engineer to put right the wrongs and get the damage sorted. Today expecting an engineer and after waiting in all day and moving work commitments, I received a text message at 5pm advising engineer wasn't coming and an alternative e appointment tment had been booked. I had no call to rearrange and this was already a visit to put the poor install right. Just a text... I still have a damaged wall and no mention of putting it right, a damaged towel which he used as a dust sheet and had no visit to rectify.. No one has or wants to take ownership.. I have cancelled today within 28 days of installation.. Shocking service"

Maria says

"Signed up to Sky in Jan 2020 for 18 months contract. Did ask the question regarding price rises due to inflationary rates and the fact that I would be hit twice meaning any savings I negotiated would be reduced dramatically. I was told that the rise this April 2020 would not happen since the sales team would have been told by now. Hold and behold, received a notification in March advising a rise of £3 and when challenged them, was advised I have to accept it since in fine print of T&C. I did not appreciate being told a ‘lie’ by the rep to entice me to sign up to sky."

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